We are going through some solid body constructions’ flaws and pointing out four reasons why multi-part assembly kits might be considerably better option to go for.


Have you ever noticed how many products that you’ve bought in the past couple years ended up in the back of your drawer because they do not fulfill your needs anymore? That’s because today’s market is filled with items that are built to serve one specific function. As soon as your needs change, these type of products loses all their purpose and becomes pretty much useless. As a maker  you might try to disassemble it to take out some parts for your future projects, but most of the time product’s components are designed for that one exact model, so there’s not a lot of space for reusing potential. We at Totem took a different approach – our kits like Black Spider and Mini Trooper  addresses these issues to provide best experience for end user. Here’s some of the biggest advantages of multi-part assembly kits:


Fun and educational

Totem mechanical connection system


It takes several hours to build Totem kits, since they contain a lot of different parts. During that process you’ll get familiar with Totem mechanical connection system and understand how every mechanical joint works. It’s an interesting and fun experience that follows up with a great achievement  – completed product.


Totem mechanical connection system is easy to upgrade

Upgrade opportunities are limitless. Totem mechanical connection system allows to easily link new component to already made construction. So if you have your own idea on how to improve the the design of the kit, then just grab some extra parts and make it happen! You can find big variety of Totem parts in our shop. Feel free to check it out!

Easy to maintain

Simple to fix a mechanical issue

After an accident or intense usage the product might require some maintenance. It’s fairly simple to fix a mechanical issue since the kit is mostly made from multiple standard Totem parts. Just spot the broken component in a joint and replace it with a new one.


Versatile and reusable assembly kit

If at some point one of those assembly kits does not fulfill your needs anymore, you can disassembly it and use parts for your own cool projects. Just don’t lose the instructions booklet, because you will probably want to rebuild the kit in the near future ;)


We at Totem believe that these points are very important and products should bring joy and be relevant not only for short period of time.