When technical and scientific skills are increasingly important in the work force, exposing children to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) learning in the early years is a key. Learning turns back to families. Family engagement is encouraged by providing material, tools and knowledge how to make science more accessible and less intimidating to kids and adults. We see Totem as an ideal platform for STEM learning together with your kids. We encourage to bring STEM into your home and raise your children to be creative and complex problem solvers.

Code your kid’s future

Families play a key role by communicating the promise of STEM to their children and taking action to change their children’s participation and persistence in STEM.

It might sound stressful however it is much simpler than one might think. Exploring the surrounding environment could be the best inspiration in early years. While later on one can easily find lots of material and tools to play science in the family.

STEM + Family time

The way science is taught and learned both in and out of the classroom is changing. We at Totem are constantly thinking of kids while developing new models. While building a concept of Totem we saw smart families building and playing together as very important topic. Getting feedback from families building together is one of the biggest compliments to us.

quality family time while building Totem

quality family time while building Totem

We at Totem want to engage parents to spend a quality family time with their kids while building Totem. Build Totem Kits, build new things, replace casual things at your home with newly made from Totem, add electronics, make it work – have fun and learn complex interdisciplinary problem solving.

Some useful tips:

Totem Starter Kit – ask your kid what thing in a room he would like to replace with a copy made out of Totem (it could also be an animal, Christmas tree or doll house, garage for a car or furniture for dolls). Let your kids examine the structure of that object, discuss the way that object works, google about it, make a sketch by specifying shapes. Ask to find right brackets to make right angles, let them cut the length of beams needed (if they are capable), help with screws and bolts if a kid is of younger age. Made a mistake? That’s fine! – make a lesson of that! It is Totem, you can easily fix all mistakes by adding or taking something off.


More engineering? Want to bring your project to action? – take a Totem robotics kit – make moving parts – elbow or linear movement – do not know how to add electronics? – just make some wiring from motors and connect to any battery – kids will love it – they will learn about types of movements.

STEM Family engineering

Totem Robotic Arm – learn more complex structures, encourage kid to examine the engineering solutions – learn about types of movements, shapes.  Think of the industry where robotic arms are used. Check Youtube. How the robotic arm could help you at home? Examine electronics together, ask a kid to make it work according to the instructions. Encourage to lift objects of different weight. Ask to make new structures to add to Robotic Arm, see how it works after changes or your kid’s improvements are done.

Mini Lab – build a frame, your kid will love building and wiring. Teach your child breadboarding and coding. This will lead to new world where everything is possible. With lots of questions and fantastic projects. Have no coding and breadboarding skills? Learn together with your kid. Your kid will get the best lesson of this.


Sharing STEM learning ideas

We encourage STEM families to send us their ideas of spending Time with Totem – that could also help other in our community.

Kids are smart! So bring science into your family life and enjoy getting smarter together!

Totem doll chair by STEM family