When prototyping electronics, one starts very often with Arduino, Raspberry Pi or other circuit boards connected with power supplies and various parts: often with wires, buttons and knobs. Then comes the questions: how to build electronics projects into an attractive and robust sturdy unit? How to build the mechanics for electronics prototype?


How we used to do it in the past


The often-used method is to purchase an enclosure that fits the purpose, and start arranging the electronics within this enclosure.

This method has been used for decades, and works sometimes well, and sometimes not so well. A lot of drilling and figuring out how to fix all parts in a tidy arrangement.

messy electronics


In my time as an electronics designer and maker, I have often tried to figure out the best ways to build Arduino and other electronics parts together.

It must look good, it must be stable, but yet as simple and quick as possible. In my career, I made prototypes of all kinds of equipment: from larger 19-inch rack builds to tiny boxes with compact battery powered electronics. Every time there was always the questions of how to best fix all these parts together into suitable enclosures.


New way of building – Totem mechanics

totem electronics on a frame

Trying to solve this dilemma, I came up with a completely new mechanical system for makers – Totem.

Totem mechanics offers everything the makers need for building electronics in nice structures. Totem mechanics fits not only Totem electronics, it suits all.

Furthermore, it works as a fantastic tool for makers when building robotics projects.

Totem joystick

How to put electronics on Totem mechanical parts? No drilling or difficult cutting, just use special brackets and required size of bolts to put on Totem, Arduino, Raspberry Pi or other electronics on Totem beams or special Totem perforated boards.



Raspberry pi and Ardnuino on Totem mechanical frame


Totem mechanics is a simple to understand and user-friendly solution.

Totem mechanics offer only one length of plastic but sturdy beams – 400 mm, what makes it super user-friendly. No need to have different length of beams in your stock for different projects.