Totem visited Maker Faire UK – a two-day family friendly festival of invention and creativity. We enjoyed being a part of more than 450 makers to showcase our latest models and upcoming ideas.

We had a chance to meet some of the biggest makers in industry, such as:

  • Mutoid Waste’s Joe Rush. Maker of “Rustang Sally” and “Clampasaurus”;
  • LED light painting by Waterlight Graffiti;
  • Steam-powered roadsters – giant steampunk machines;
  • Battle robots made a real battle arena to watch or even participate;
  • Foolpool brought a heard of mechanical animals;
  • Youtuber Colin Furze showed some of his crazy inventions.

Furthermore, Totem showed current and upcoming products:

  • Mini Lab for Arduino coding and learning electronics;
  • Mechanical Starter Kit – perfect to start building with Totem;
  • Strandbeast – upcoming kit;
  • Roller bar;
  • CAN bus based electronics;
  • and also many more;

For those who missed Maker Faire UK we made a short video, so you would be convinced not to miss next time!