Have you been wondering if you can combine Totem construction system together with the third party materials and build something out of it? The short answer is: for sure! Totem construction system is user-friendly and therefore it means that one doesn’t need to get all the parts exclusively from Totem (although we have many various and different parts for that in our eshop) to build something great.

In this blog post you can find some of the examples with photos of what can be mounted on Totem Beam. However, there’s no limit to that! If you have an idea of what else can be mounted on the beam, don’t hesitate to send us a photo and we’ll kindly share it with our community.

This is a guest blog post, written by a fellow maker David Obdržálek from Czech Republic. He introduces some new components that can help you to build your electronic constructions.

Control and signal parts brackets and holders

LED light with totemmaker beam button on beam

Image 1: small pushbutton, image 2: modular „Total Stop“ pushbutton with 16 mm mount hole,
image 3: the bracket can be used for any other 16 mm controls


joystick mounted on the beam

Image 4: X-Y joystick, image 5: 5 mm LED, image 6: 5 mm LED with M8x0,75 outer shell


Connector and cable „bijou“


Image 7: Canon 9 connector bracket, image 8: Canon 15 connector bracket, image 9: Canon 25 connector bracket


cable hook and holder

Image 10: dual Canon 25 connector, image 11: DIN connector, image 12: cable hook / organizer


Use case

project with totem system

The photo shows one of David’s development kits. This one serves for stepper motor control programs development where the control board is the TotemDuino (or Arduino). You can see how we use some of the above mentioned parts (extra parts: NEMA 17 motor bracket, Connector Shield, SMCB10 stepper motor control board).

All parts are laser-cut of 3mm ABS. They are compatible with Totem not only because of the material, but of course also thanks to their size and holes grid.

Secondarily, these parts can be used for other construction kits too, be it Meccano, Vex, m-Bitbeam, Makeblock or else – if you can use it for the one you like, please let us know and send us pictures!


David Obdržálek
From RoboDoupe