Totem Tools were created to be reliable but simple to use. The main criteria while creating Totem Tools was user-friendliness.

After watching our short videos you will find out that Totem Tools offer more than you expected:


Totem Cutter

Summing up:
– Totem Cutter is easy to use.
– it attaches to the table – is stable while cutting.
– it is even left-handed friendly!
– and has some handy features that you will really like –  Ruler and Stopper – allows for consistent sizes to be cut.
– the regular step of cutting is 1 cm, but you can also cut and 0.5 cm.

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Magnetic Screwdriver

Summing up:
– Made from aluminum or nylon (depends on model).
– Bolt firmly stays on screwdriver even when shaking it – strong magnetic grip.
– Makes things easier – grab bolts and nuts from the compartment box with the magnet.
– Totem Magnetic Screwdriver can be also handy then pushing nuts in and out the Beam structure.

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Totem Board Cutter

Summing up:

– Cutting ruler – to ensure smooth cuts.
 Straight or angled cuts – depends on the side of the ruler.
– Ruler pins fit into the grid of the board – it won’t move while cutting.

We recommend to use a cutting mattress or any kind of cutting board (one from your kitchen can work well).

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