Maker movement involves more and more groups of society in a growing number of countries. A rise of STEAM education, Maker Faire gatherings now being held and attracting makers from all over the world, online makers’ communities that connects makers to create different technology based projects – all this push forward to invent and develop new and innovative solutions for our future.


New technologies accelerate the emergence of new ideas


A lot of new technologies has appeared for individuals that wants to build and create, that are relatively inexpensive and accessible. Previously they were more limited for professional use.


Examples of this is obviously 3D printers, but also design tools for electronics and software development. 3D printers just a few years ago was very expensive and required extensive operational cost and resources. Nowadays they can be bought on a low budget. Programming tools are mostly free now, not so some years ago. Compilers could be expensive software packages.

Thanks to trends like the Open Source communities, most development tools are free, and there are huge numbers of YouTube learning videos and tutorials for every bit of software, offered for free. The trend of Open Source has extended into the world of electronics as well.


The Arduino platform came around 2005/06 and made programming microcontrollers more accessible for everyone. This trend has exploded into the parallel trend of Open Source Hardware. Within this licensing model, everyone can learn and build upon the knowledge accumulated from thousands of engineers and skilled developers.


Faster than ever


Later a tidal wave of electronics modulessensorscontrollers and other parts have entered the e-commerce trend. Very low cost and easily available, with lower shipping cost than ever. All this new available maker tools and parts have made it easier to become makers of robotics and electronics in general. Of course, any maker will often turn to traditional maker tools as well. To drills and cutting in plastics and metal will never go out of fashion, that’s for sure.

One has to trust in mechanics building in order to create, be it machines, vehicles or robots. But special parts that are now possible to 3D print, have made it possible to make things for individuals that was either impossible or took immensely longer time.

So here we are, a new paradigm for makers and creators of anything the fantasy and passion wants. New technologies accelerate the emergence of new ideas to create of newer technologies.


The maker movement has only just begun!


Totem Team