Totem Tortoise: by BinaryBots



  • Learning to code is quick and easy
  • Accessory for the BBC micro: bit.
  • Can be used with the BBC micro:bit mini computer used in schools.
  • Everything you need to easily engage and learn to code in one box.
  • Children can build their own robot and learn to code, doing exciting things using sensors.
  • Learning is so easy and fun with free online activities, videos and help.

Warning: Not suitable for children under 8 years. For use under adult supervision.

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Totem Tortoise: by BinaryBots


Totem Planet – is a STEM project by BinaryBots that encourages kids to code with BBC micro: bit.

Binary is an awesome alien inventor. He builds robots & brings them to life with code.

Binary has been exploring new worlds in his solar system.
On Planet Totem he saw strange mechanical animals!



The Totem Tortoise robot has plodded its way from Planet Totem. This alien robot has a brand new BinaryBots sensor board and an awesome hide in shell ability. Just waiting for you to code to life. You’ll be able to build your very own robot, hook up the sensor board, and bring it all to life with a BBC micro:bit (not supplied).

This kit contains everything you need to easily engage and learn to code in one box.

You get free access to online activities and videos to make it really easy to learn to code. Simply program the BBC micro:bit and you are away.

  • Has 2 unique capacitive touch sensor strips for poke and stroke interface
  • 4 addressable multi colour LEDs
  • Light sensor and buzzer
  • Vibramotor for haptic feedback
  • Squeezes its head out of the shell!




What’s in the box:

  • All the pieces required to construct the Totem Spider.
  • Instruction Book.
  • Free access to online activities, videos and help.
  • Powerful BinaryBots sensor board.
  • Totem magnetic screwdriver.
  • Doesn’t come with a BBC micro:bit, it is sold separately.

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