LabBoard Electronics Measuring Unit


LabBoard – a powerful experimentation and measuring platform.

Learn electronics, breadbording, prototyping and experimenting with LabBoard!

  • Different power supplies: -5V, 3.3V, 5V, 12V, and one you can regulate.
  • Measurement of voltages with 3 ranges, outputs from 3 DACs.
  • Easy and short access to all Arduino input/output pins.
  • All signals available in a single row just above the breadboards.

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Learn electronics, breadbording, prototyping and experimenting with LabBoard!

Electronics measuring unit LabBoard has a dual use. Firstly, it can be used as an expansion board to the TotemDuino system, offering easily accessible input and output connections. Fits Arduino Uno type shields. Secondly, it is a measuring and testing unit.

When used together with TotemDuino, you will find:

  • 3 channel Digital to Analog converter – 12-bit, independently programmable converter, capable of outputting a pre-set voltage in the 0 — 2.5 V range, with up to 25mA current per channel. Output is protected against short-circuit.
  • 3 channel Voltmeter – independent channels in the +-0.5V, +-5V and +-50V range. Inputs are buffered for protection against overvoltage.
  • Ampermeter – capable of sensing current up to 800 mA. Measurement is done at the ground return path, so you can use it with any voltage used in MiniLab.
  • Frequency meter – digital signal frequency measurement module, capable of counting frequencies up to 1 MHz.
  • Pulse counter – digital signal pulse counter with capability to count up to 999,999,999 pulses in a signal.
  • Pulse generator – unit capable of generating finite or infinite series of square wave pulses, with programmable pulse width and period.
  • Programmable power supply — programmable power supply, capable of working in constant voltage mode, with up to 12V and 1.5A output.

LabBoard electronics board

LabBoard is designed to be mounted onto Totem beams and boards, as well as to the third part surfaces, with a help of a few bolts and brackets.

If you’re just starting tinkering with electronics and microcontroller programming, LabBoard is perfect for you! It comes with many crucial instruments that will give you a boost and be helpful for someone who is either just starting, or is an advanced DIY enthuasiast.

Use it as a replacement part for Mini Lab or upgrade your Micro Lab electronics laboratory.



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