RoboCar Chassis – Programmable Robotics Platform


RoboCar is a DIY programmable robotics platform for advanced builders. Fully customizable and expandable with Totem modules.

  • Programmable with Arduino IDE;
  • Smartphone app controlled;
  • Powered by RoboBoard X4 motor controller.

Kit includes:

  • 200+ mechanical parts
  • 1 programmable RoboBoard X4 motor controller
  • 2 DC motors
  • 1 servo Motor
  • Battery with a charger
  • Tools for assembly

RoboCar wheel base length: 197 mm, wheel tracking length: 175 mm.

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As it’s a customizable platform, you can upgrade it by adding an add-on top (truck, jeep, race car shape or anything else that you can imagine). Mount the robotic arm, gripper parts, extra motors and/or electronics boards, sensors, Totem modules etc. to expand the possibilities of the RoboCar and give it extra functionality.


The RoboCar wheel base length is 197 mm, wheel tracking length is 175 mm.


Totem RoboBoard X4

Programmable robotics controller for wireless motor and sensor control

RoboBoard X4 Totem RoboBoard X4


RoboBoard X4 features:

• ESP32 240Mhz processor
• 3 Servo channels
• 4 DC channels
• 4 GPIO channels
• Totem BUS expansion
• MEMS sensor
• USB port
• Wireless connectivity
• User LED & button
• On/off switch
• DC & battery input


Arduino Coding

Programming allows you to implement your ideas by controlling attached motors and sensors. Robots can become self-aware, perform certain tasks or execute advanced algorithms. This is achieved by using a beginner friendly Arduino platform.


Totem BUS System

Advanced modular extension system allowing for easy plug and play robot building without limitations. Compared to other systems – Totem BUS uses more versatile communication protocol and is able to transfer more power over a single cable. RoboBoard X4 utilizes it to expand functionality, add additional sensors (like distance, line follower), making robot self aware and control various peripherals. In this way you can focus on robot building and programming, avoiding all the hassle with libraries, loose connections and incompatible electronic components.
Available Totem modules can be found in our shop.


Main advantages:

  • Easy controllable with Totem programming
  • Fast and reliable (CAN bus based)
  • Longer cable distances and higher power
  • Versatile communication protocol (peer-to-peer)

Totem RoboBoard X4 modules infographic



RoboCar Chassis assembly instructions

Totem programming of RoboBoard X4 control board

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