Robotic Arm with Electronics



Easy and fun to assemble mechanical parts together with 4 motors make an agile 3 degrees of freedom robotic arm with a gripper, two elbows and ability to rotate 180° around platform axis.

Control with your smartphone or tablet.


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Totem electronics tutorial: how to assemble, mount electronics, wire and connect to smartphone.

Totem Robotic Arm Kit aims to bring more fun to your robotics projects!

Easy and fun to assemble mechanical parts together with 4 motors makes an agile 3 degrees of freedom robotic arm with a gripper, two elbows and  ability to rotate 180° around platform axis.


Use as Add-on: it is easy to attach it to any project. Totem system is perfect when you need to expand the construction – just use a few brackets, nuts and bolts.

Use for Education: perfect when learning mechanics and electronics.


If you need to increase stability:  attach Robotic Arm to something (other construction).

Lifting capacity: 170g. at 1,5A. (depends on electronics, how much current it can deliver).

Robotic Arm Weight: 473g.


Tools and Parts:

  • Totem Robotic Arm Kit is equipped with all the tools needed to assemble the model.
  • All Totem parts are cut and ready to use.






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