Side Panel- 2 (unsoldered): Add-On for Totem Mini Lab



A helpful sidekick for your lab projects:

• Microphone;
• 128×64 OLED display;
• DHT11 humidity sensor;
• NTC thermistor;
• Piezo electric buzzer;
• DC motor driver module;

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The Side Panel-2 is designed to use with the Totem Mini Lab.


Side panels are meant to bring easy access to commonly used components that are difficult to wire on breadboards due to their dimensions, or require additional equipment to operate them. Side panels give a plug and play interface that lets users to concentrate on experiments or learning, rather than spending time solving issues on how to interface with the part.

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Side panel includes:

Microphone — ready to use microphone module with
integrated preamplifier that outputs currently measured
sound pressure in 0 to (Vcc – 2.5) Volt range.

128×64 OLED display— monochrome graphical screen
controlled via I2C interface. Uses SSD1306 chip as a

DHT11 humidity sensor — digital composite sensor
capable of measuring temperature and humidity. Uses
single-wire serial interface for communication.

NTC thermistor — a simple 10k thermistor that in the
module works as a voltage divider, useful for making
temperature sensors.

Piezoelectric buzzer — beeper module with integrated
transistor driver. Produces sound when high level signal
is applied.

DC motor driver module — an h-bridge motor driver
with integrated protections.


Attaching to Mini Lab Frame: 

  • The Kit includes all ready-to-use mechanical parts and tools to fix side panel on Mini Lab frame.
  • Fixes elegantly to the Mini Labs sides.
  • You can easily have 3 panels attached to your Mini Lab.





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