T.R.U.C.K. DIY Bluetooth Car Kit


  • Build a motorized Bluetooth controlled car.
  • Kit includes mechanical parts, electronics and basic tools needed to build T.R.U.C.K.;
  • More than 600 pieces to put together;
  • Build T.R.U.C.K. to have a platform you can upgrade to no limit;
  • Learn basics of mechanics and electronics;
  • Building time: ~5 hours.
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion batteries included;

Control with your smartphone.


Warning: Not suitable for children under 11 years. For use under adult supervision.

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T.R.U.C.K. DIY Bluetooth Car Kit:

  • no special skills required;
  • lots of fun building and playing;
  • use advantage of Totem mechanics – upgrade and transform easily.


Easy to upgrade: Totem mechanics is easy to transform – you can add mechanical parts, motor or electronics anywhere on a structure .  Totem system is perfect when you need to expand the construction – just use few brackets, nuts and bolts.

Make your own Top design or use T.R.U.C.K. as a platform for your next project.  Totem Maker Kit – is a perfect source for additional parts for expanding car project.

Motors: equipped with 1 25 mm DC motor with gearbox and 1 Standard Servo motor.
Speed: 0,7 m/s.
Truck has 11.1V 3200mAh Lithium battery and draws between 130-900 mAh current (idle 73 mAh).
Battery life: Light usage: 24+ hours continuous. Middle usage: 12+ hours continuous. Heavy usage: 4+ hours continuous.
More than 600 pieces to put together!

Use for STEAM education:
fun  mechanics and engineering learning experience. Learn or help your teen to learn engineering while building steering mechanism, motor hubs and other parts of the T.R.U.C.K. from scratch. Totem mechanics gives kids better understanding of engineering and mechanics solutions: from using nuts and bolts to building complex structures.


Tools and Parts:

  • T.R.U.C.K. kit is equipped with all the basic tools needed to assemble the model: super strong Totem magnetic screwdriver comes with the kit!
  • All Totem parts are cut and ready to use.
  • Totem Maker Kit – is a perfect source for additional parts for expanding car project.


T.R.U.C.K. assembly video:

—>T.R.U.C.K. Assembly book<—

—>Pick-up top Assembly book<— 

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