Truck Top for RoboCar


Truck top is an add-on for programmable RoboCar chassis. The top is upgradeable and easily modifiable.

Upgrade your RoboCar chassis with the DIY Truck top!

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Dimensions33 × 19 × 13 cm
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Truck top is one of the possible upgrade options for your RoboCar chassis. The top is designed to not only give a more playful look to the RoboCar platform, but it also gives a vast of opportunities to attach the extra parts, such as TotemBUS modules. By attaching the modules, you can expand the RoboBoard X4 motor controller possibilities, and have an even more gratifying robot at one.

The Truck top complements the RoboCar chassis and makes it look like a proper constructor as the top is made out of 36 different parts, in total of more than 450 parts.

Truck top infographic



Truck top for RoboCar assembly instructions

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