We have developed a model made with our Totem mechanics, as an example of what can be built. This model could be as a fun home accessory or even a step in learning robotics coding.  The main idea is to make a steel ball (bearing balls in fact) position itself by position detection. With the help of two standard servo motors (180 degrees) it makes the ball roll in either direction. And it can make it stop. It all sounds easy, but it involves some clever coding. So if you push the ball with your finger, it starts immediately to try to get the ball “home”.

The video will show it in operation.


The model has been shown in different exhibitions we have attended, and people wanted to know how to make it. So we have made instructions for this build. Also the video will show us building it, even though the instruction book will show you step by step in detail how to build it.

However not all parts are available from our web-shop at the moment. Most will be available later, but you have to provide for some parts yourself if you want to build this model. . Also you need to either make the plastic coupling to the servo motor by cut and drill, or 3D-print it. An STL file is available from HERE.

Resistive strip and a copper tape are also not Totem standard parts . They are used here to detect the position of the steel ball. Also it will measure the direction and speed of the ball. See the instruction book for more info how to purchase these things.


>>> Roller Bar Instruction book <<<


So it is a fun way to learn cybernetics coding, it involves finding the speed, acceleration and position of the ball, and how much each servo must be activated dynamically.

Try make a “living ball” of your coding. Make it interactive!


Totem Team