Totem Beam Cutter

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Summing up:
– Totem Cutter is easy to use.
– it attaches to the table – is stable while cutting.
– adaptable for left and right handed users!
– ruler  – allows for consistent sizes to be cut.
– the regular step of cutting is 1 cm, but you can also cut and 0.5 cm.



User-friendly one size philosophy:

Totem provides one size of Beams, this reflects our main user-friendly philosophy of  providing building elements that you can cut according to your needs.

  • Totem Beams are one size – L400 x W10 x H10 mm.
  • No need to store lots of different elements in yours workshop.

Simple but smart tool for cutting Totem Beams:

The philosophy of having one size of cuttable basic building elements goes hand in had with super easy to use and smart Totem Tools.


You will be surprised how handy it is.


Caution: this is not a toy and is intended for use by or under the supervision of adults.