Mounting 3rd Party Electronics


Totem mechanics is all about user-friendliness. Unique Beam design makes it easy to mount all brands of electronics  at any point of the project.

The provided example gives the clear understanding of how the Totem system works.

Arduino in this case is used, however it can be any other electronics brand, including Totem.



Parts needed:



Step 1. Place M3 6×10 Nuts into the Beam slots.

Step 2. Fix Standoffs to adjustable brackets (brackets with oblong holes, like 3-hole bracket) using square M3 5.5×5.5 Nuts (leave nuts loose for now).

Step 3. Mount prepared brackets to the prepared places (step 1) with M3x6 Bolts.

Step 4. Find the best position of Brackets to make mounting holes of Arduino match.

Step 5. Fasten the Arduino board with M3x6 Bolts.

Step 6. Tighten square nuts from Step 2 (use wrench if needed).



– Totem fasteners are M3 standard. Some boards have narrower mounting holes. For example, Raspberry Pi has ∅2.5mm. In this case use Standoffs, Nuts and Bolts of M2.5 standard.



If you have any questions of how to mount electronics in your project please do not hesitate to contact: