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Lars Ovrum

Our story

I am an electronics engineer and a creator and I’ve always loved to make things. While building different mechanical or electronics projects, I’ve often faced some important problems:

Firstly, I could not find any construction system with the features that I needed.

Secondly, it often got messy trying to solve the problems with what I had in my workshop. It was also time consuming because I had to search for parts, often with different sizes and from different sources. I couldn’t find a one-stop-shop system anywhere.

After a while I got tired of solving problems this way. I wanted to invent a new way of building that had the key features I wanted – completeness and user friendliness. My idea has grown into an entire building system which I want to share with you.

Today we are a team of makers with different backgrounds; we are developing a construction system which offers a completely new way of building to makers of all levels.






If you have any further questions about Totem, please do not hesitate to contact us.