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We create a unique construction system with cuttable parts for robotics and electronics prototyping. It’s designed as a user-friendly system for makers of all levels. Since 2015 we seek to make the engineering world fun, understandable and simple for everyone.

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Otterlei Group AS

Totem Technology is a part of Otterlei Group AS that is a group of companies involved in innovation and technology. The companies make products and services for various different markets, and span from Norwegian oil industry products to mobile app development. Industrial and electronics production is an important part of Otterlei Group’s business. Also, the Group invests a venture capital in start-ups. The companies in the Group employ more than 1100 people.

The companies in Otterlei mainly focus in driving the innovation in fields of industry and technology for the future. The Group’s products are mainly made and sold in Europe, but the Group is successfully expanding its experience worldwide.

  • Apart from Totem Technology, the Group is the parent company of Adax AS (founded in 1984), KSMV (founded in 1918), Bosvik AS (founded in 1949), Norac AS (founded in 1974), Norac Badekabiner AS (founded in 1973), CroBoCom AS (founded in 2008) and Agdersveis AS (founded in 1973). Read more: https://www.otterleigroup.no/ 

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