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What is Totem Global Team Program?

Totem Global Team is a global program of makers who are passionate about electronics, mechanics and/or robotics and who are avid about spreading their passion with the world.

Totem commits to sharing the new upcoming product models with our Global Team members in exchange for their invaluable feedback and the spread of their passion using our solutions.

Totem Global Team

Why do we need Global Team members?

Totem has a unique construction system with cuttable parts for robotics, mechanics, and electronics prototyping. It’s a user-friendly system for makers and DIY enthusiasts of all levels. But many makers and DIY enthusiasts don’t know about this solution or aren’t using it to its full potential.

That’s where Totem Global Team step in. The mission of the members is:

Raise awareness

Totem construction system can serve for science and everyday-life issues and Totem Global Team help to spread the word of this facilitation.


Totem system has thousands ways of usage and it can be overwhelming to choose one to start building. Totem Global Team is here to show that Totem system works great for everyone and to educate users on how to use it and what benefits it can bring.

Share tips and tricks

Totem products can easily be upgraded and some kits are multipurpose. Totem Global Team members share their knowledge and tips on how to do that.

Spread the passion

Together we seek to make the engineering world fun, understandable and simple to use for everyone, both for the beginner maker and for the intermediate engineer.

What are the Totem Global Team duties?

Totem global team

What are the benefits for Totem Global Team members?

Who can become the Totem Global Team member?

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Apply for the Totem Global Team program and spice up your days! Remember, the more details you’ll provide, the better the chances to be selected :)