Boards – Cuttable – 100×100 mm (10-pack): Dark Green



Dimension: 100×100 mm

Material: PC/ABS (plastic)

Totem Basic Element

  • Size – 100×100 mm.
  • You can cut boards according to the needs of your project.
  • Cut straight or angled cuts.
  • No need to store lots of different elements in your workshop.
  • Plastic is pleasant to use, lightweight, easy to shape, but still makes sturdy structures.
  • Can be reused many times.


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User-friendly one size philosophy:

Easily cuttable plastic boards. Totem provides easy to cut Boards, what reflects our main user-friendly philosophy of providing building elements that you can shape according to your needs.


Use Boards in your projects: 

  • to cover something
  • to make boxes
  • a basis for mounting electronics
  • to decorate something
  • and for many more…


Simple but smart tools:

The philosophy of having cuttable basic building elements goes hand in hand with super easy to use and smart Totem Tools. You will be surprised how handy they are.


Caution: kids under age 14 are not allowed to use Board Cutter.


Totem Grid:

The holes are 5 mm apart, and can be fitted to other Totem parts in many ways.

Totem plastic cuttable parts: the grid of board