Gripper Bot – Smartphone App Controlled Car


LEARN ROBOTICS: use tools, assemble from scratch and understand how it works.

PLAY: app-controlled robot made for games and fun.

EXPAND: turn imagination into action – rebuild and expand your robot.

  • Arduino compatible
  • Rechargeable battery included.
  • All tools for assembly included.
  • Recommended age: play 6+; assembly 9+.
Control with your smartphone or tablet

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  • This small but powerful constructor from Totem is meant to be fun to play and easy to learn mechanics and basics of robotics.
  • This small car with gripper is app controlled.
  • The gripper is a mini version of robotic arm, that is easy to control and grab things.
  • Lots of fun while playing alone or competing with friends.
  • Gripper Bot is controlled by Totem Mini Control Board, which expands your build and play possibilities.



STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) skills help kids to develop critical thinking, creativity and problem solving, also encourages the curiosity about how the world works. Totem STEM toys, is a great tool to encourage the development of those skills and interest in STEM fields in the future.

Gripper Bot is made from solid and durable parts that are used in higher level robotics. Learn to use robotics tools and discover real life engineering solutions.


By assembling the Gripper Bot, one can learn:

  • Basics of mechanics in robotics projects.
  • Simple engineering solutions.
  • Usage of different mechanical parts and tools.
  • Same mechanical parts usage in different models/situations.
  • Properties of different materials.



  • Lifting potential: 60 g.
  • Speed: 0.9 m/s.
  • Battery life: 25 min.
  • Assembly time: ~1,5 hours.
  • Gripper opens: 5 cm.


Compatible with


This kit includes our latest RoboBoard X3 control board (replaces older Mini Control Board). It contains Arduino programming, 3.7V battery with USB charging, DC and Servo motor control, accelerometer and gyroscope, wireless capabilities for remote control and Internet access. More features can be added using available Qwiic connector and GPIO pins for custom control and communications.


What’s in the box:

  • 1x RoboBoard X3 – robot development board with Arduino programming and wireless connectivity.
  • DC Motor – with leads and JST connectors, 48:1 gear ratio, 200 rpm shaft output at 6 V.
  • Mini Servo Motor.
  • Mechanical parts.
  • 1x Battery – LiPo, 3.7 V, 250 mAh.
  • 1x USB-C cable for charging and programming.
  • Tools – all tools needed to assemble the toy.
  • Printed colourful assembly instruction booklet.


Remote control

RoboBoard can be remotely controlled using Totem smartphone app with predefined controls or custom ones for your own project. Application allows to create buttons with variable parameters and intercept them in Arduino code.
All this functionality is integrated into Totem software and enabled with a few lines of code:

Also, ESP32 enables access to the Internet or even interact with wireless gamepad controllers.


Software features

RoboBoard is well integrated with Arduino framework. Most of the features are accessible with single line of code without require for external libraries. Even allows to setup drivetrain algorithms or control motor speed and acceleration. See API specifications:

Compatible with Arduino IDE and PlatfomIO. Check for setup instructions:



RoboBoard is a single board for all robotic needs. It contains some most common features, but can be expanded with additional Qwiic modules. Even third-party modules works with integrated motor drivers. For custom controls or communications – available GPIO pins can be used (compatible with general Arduino libraries).

Information for interacting with Qwiic and GPIO pins:


Other kits

Totem robots (including Gripper Bot) use our developed RoboBoard X3 to control motors and other accessories. Here are some examples of what can be made with it:

collage of cars examples with x3-fbi board



Gripper Bot Assembly Instructions

RoboBoard X3 documentation