Cuttable Strip Brackets are handy when you need any length for your project. 

  • Material: 6061 aluminum, 2 mm thick, anodized surface.
  • Dimensions (mm): 200 x 6 x 2.


Totem Tips:

  • Use as the link parts in DIY designs.
  • Perfect when building robotics.
  • Can be cut into any required length.
  • Holes can be drilled for 4 mm hardware.
  • Hole diameter: 3 mm.
  • Strengthen the Beam: it perfectly fits into the track of the Beam and makes it even more sturdy.




Note! You can use any hacksaw for cutting metal, or the one you find in Totem Kits:

Totem Tools Kit; Totem Mechanics Starter Kit; Robotics Supplementary Kit.


User-friendly solution:  make your own tool for cutting Strip brackets.

Totem strip bracket