Beams – Cuttable (20-pack): Black Color



Dimension: L400 × H10 ×  H10 mm

Material: ABS (plastic)

Color: Black

Totem Basic Element

  • Totem Beams are one size –  L400 × H10 ×  H10 mm.
  • Cuttable beams will fit for various different projects.
  • Use simple but smart Totem Tools for cutting.
  • No need to store lots of different elements in yours workshop.
  • Plastic is pleasant to use, lightweight, easy to shape, but still makes sturdy structures.
  • Can be reused many times.


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User-friendly one size philosophy:

Totem provides plastic cuttable one size Beams, that reflect our main user-friendly philosophy of providing building elements that you can shape according to your needs.


Simple but smart tools:

The philosophy of having one size of cuttable basic building elements goes hand in hand with super easy to use and smart Totem Tools. You will be surprised how handy they are.

We strongly recommend using only Totem Tools for cutting plastic parts of Totem mechanics for a smooth experience of building.



3-Dimensional Beams structure:

  • Nuts stay in structure: special Totem Nut M3 10×6  stay in the structure of Beam before Bolts are tightened!
  • Add element or expand structure anywhere: special layout of slots and holes makes it to versatile element to construct any shapes: easy to expand structure, by adding other beam or board or any other element at any point on your project.
  • Totem Grid: The geometry of Totem is so that Brackets and Nuts are 2×6 mm profile, and they fit into beams in 2 directions.

Plastic cuttable beams measurements

  • Cut to make the size you need: Special Totem Beam Cutter: with 0,2 mm saw makes it a breeze to cut beams.
  • Unique invention: the invention of beams is unique and is protected by patent.


Totem Tips:

  • Need bigger structure: join few beams side by side together to make them thinner – unique layout of beams slots allows to join them at any point.
  • Need to make the beam stronger: if your project requires more resistant Beam – use aluminum Strip Bracket – it perfectly fits into the track of the Beam.
  • 1 cm Step: Totem Beam Step is 1 cm, however you can cut 0,5 cm if it is required by your project.




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