Cuttable Strip Bracket – 200 mm (4-pack)



  • Material: 6061 aluminum, 2 mm thick, anodized surface.
  • Dimensions (mm): 200 x 6 x 2.

Totem Tips:

  • Use as the link parts in DIY designs.
  • Perfect when building robotics projects.
  • Can be easily cut into any required length.
  • Holes can be drilled for 4 mm hardware.
  • Hole diameter: 3 mm.
  • Strengthen the Beam: strip bracket perfectly fits into the track of the Beam and makes it even more sturdy.


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Can be cut into any required length.

Note!  EASY to cut using pliers or Beams cutting tool, that you will find in Totem Kits:

Totem Maker Kit; Totem XL Maker Kit; Robotics Kit.


User-friendly solution:  make your own tool for cutting Strip brackets.

Totem strip bracket

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