Totem Rack for Grove Beginner Kit


Convenient frame for attaching and holding electronics modules for a simpler prototyping.

No electronics included.

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Totem rack for Grove Beginners Kit and Sensor Shield

A simpler kit especially made for the Grove Beginners/Sensor Shield Kits. Ideal for school and classes use. No electronics included.

Popular between electronics learners, the Grove Beginner Kit comes with integrated Arduino functionality. Also the Grove Sensor Shield has the same modules and dimensions as the Beginners Kit, but needs an Arduino in addition. Our affordable rack makes these kits become user-friendly and safe to use in school or education situations. Easy storage in shelves and good ergonomics with 45 degrees working angle.

Our rack for Grove system-building has brackets for you to snap-on sensors or other Grove modules to a workbench.

Snap Brackets

The Grove modules follow a system with 2.2mm mounting holes, fit for using M2 bolts/screws. They are a bit fiddly to use, and isn’t easy to be mounted in mechanical constructions. We wanted it to be quick and easy.

  • Arrange any Grove module as you prefer in the rack, snap bracket are easily reorganized.
  • You can fit virtually all kinds of 3rd party electronics to the Totem system too.

Ideal for class/education Grove kits

If you are organizing courses and classes for coding-training or electronics education, you will appreciate to have a tidy setup of the Arduino and module combo. All parts may have a certain place in the rack, or if not, they are easily swapped without any fiddly operation with small screwdrivers.

  • Make class kits ready for use instantly, put away conveniently in shelves between use.
  • Keep your electronics more safe from short circuiting.
  • The breadboard is good for extended use in electronics circuits experimentation.


Rack assembly instructions

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