Robotics Kit – 7 Real-Life Engineering Examples


  • 1000+ building pieces
  • 7 mini models of real life robotic machines
  • Informative user guide booklet with 7 Real-life Engineering Examples
  • Tools for cutting and assembly included
  • Smartphone app control
  • Arduino programming

Create, build and upgrade your robotics projects with the Robotics Kit. Looking for ideas to begin with? Then build our 7 models as a starting point: Lucas Robot, Gripper Bot, Hockey Bot, 4WD, Mini Spider, Larva Mobile, Lift Mobile.


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Create, build and upgrade your robotics projects with the Robotics Kit

Let your imagination go wild with 1000+ parts, included in the kit. Various mechanical parts, such as beams, boards, brackets, nuts and etc., lets you create a robotic chassis or a platform for your project. Add DC, N20 or Mini Servo motors to the body and give your creation a life! Easily control your robot with smartphone or write your own Arduino code by using RoboBoard X3.

Looking forward to create your own robot but have no ideas to begin with? Then build our 7 models as a starting point. All of those 7 models are simplified versions of various real-life robotics objects used in factories, constructions and even space exploration! You can find their online instructions at the Documentation section or at our Wiki.

Easily modifiable parts

The kit includes 20 pieces of 40 cm cuttable sturdy Beams, which can be shortened to the required sizes with Beam Pro-Cutter. 9 pieces of Boards come in different colours and sizes and can also be smoothly cut into wanted shapes and sizes. You don’t need all dimensions in your stock of parts in a building system when using Totem. You cut larger parts to the parts you need! The tools are already conveniently included in the Robotics kit.

Due to the unique Totem construction system Beams can be attached to other beam in nearly all directions, with a strong joint. Totem system is open, so the third-party parts can be connected and fixed to a design. These qualities let you upgrade the robot in many various ways.


Compatible with


This kit includes our latest RoboBoard X3 control board (replaces older Mini Control Board). It contains Arduino programming, 3.7V battery with USB charging, DC and Servo motor control, accelerometer and gyroscope, wireless capabilities for remote control and Internet access. More features can be added using available Qwiic connector and GPIO pins for custom control and communications.


Remote control

RoboBoard can be remotely controlled using Totem smartphone app with predefined controls or custom ones for your own project. Application allows to create buttons with variable parameters and intercept them in Arduino code.
All this functionality is integrated into Totem software and enabled with a few lines of code:

Also, ESP32 enables access to the Internet or even interact with wireless gamepad controllers.


Software features

RoboBoard is well integrated with Arduino framework. Most of the features are accessible with single line of code without require for external libraries. Even allows to setup drivetrain algorithms or control motor speed and acceleration. See API specifications:

Compatible with Arduino IDE and PlatfomIO. Check for setup instructions:



RoboBoard is a single board for all robotic needs. It contains some most common features, but can be expanded with additional Qwiic modules. Even third-party modules works with integrated motor drivers. For custom controls or communications – available GPIO pins can be used (compatible with general Arduino libraries).

Information for interacting with Qwiic and GPIO pins:




Totem Robotics kit part list


RoboBoard X3 documentation

Robotics Kit handbook


7 real-life examples included in the Robotics Kit:


Lucas Robot assembly instructions

Lift Car assembly instructions

Larva Mobile assembly instructions

Hockey Bot assembly instructions

4 WD Car assembly instructions

Gripper Bot assembly instructions

Mini Spider assembly instructions

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