DIY Smartphone Bluetooth Controlled 4WD Car Chassis Kit


4x Wheels (67 mm) + 4x DC TT Motors + Rechargeable Battery with USB Charger + Bluetooth Controller + App + Mechanics + Tools

Upgradable smartphone-controlled car chassis kit.

Build your 4-wheel 4-motor car chassis parts or put wheels on anything and enjoy a fun play!

    • Use your smartphone or tablet to control your own made chassis;
    • High quality materials;
    • Add additional elements;
    • Use hot glue or double-sided tape to attach motors to anything – from cardboard to your favorite toy car.
Control with your smartphone or tablet


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Follow the Assembly Book to make a Platform: 

4WD chassis kit assembly



Detailed Contents 

  • 1x X3-FBI board – Bluetooth motor controller;
  • 2x cables – with JST connectors, to connect motors and controller;
  • 4x DC TT Motor – with leads and JST connectors, 48:1 gear ratio, 200 rpm shaft output at 6 V;
  • 4x Wheels – with rubber tires (67 mm diameter). Two sides flattened shaft holes, to mount directly on the motor;
  • 1x Battery – LiPo, 3.7 V, 250 mAh;
  • 1x USB Battery Charger;
  • Totem mechanics and Tools for building chassis frame.


Quick Start – Controller/Receiver 

The kit uses the following functions of the Board:

  • Light Bar – to indicate the battery charge level;
  • Speaker – makes a sound when successfully connected to the App;
  • Battery input;
  • Up to 4 DC motor channels;
  • Antenna.

You can also add additional elements, like Servo Motors, to your project.



Follow the schematics.


Connecting to the App

We suggest using a smartphone or a tablet to control. Follow those easy steps to connect Chassis to your device:

  1. Download Totem App available on the Google Play or IOS App Store.


  1. Connect the power cable (see the schematics). The lights on the board will indicate the battery charge level.


  1. Two running lights show that Board is waiting for your device to connect.


  1. Open the Totem App and press “Connect” button. A sound and one running light indicate that you have successfully connected to the Board.

  1. Make sure to fully charge the battery for your longer play. Simply connect the Battery to the USB Charger and plug it into any USB Charging device (like PC or your Smartphone charger).

That was it, have fun!


Upgrading Ideas


  • Totem Pre-Cut Maker Kit – perfect addition to build on top of the chassis;
  • Totem Maker Kit – perfect for building larger car projects;
  • Add Servo or other motors up to 0.5 A (not included in the Kit) for more complex and fun projects;
  • Use hot glue or double-sided tape to attach motors to anything. Build from cardboard, use old toy or even 3D print your own idea.




X3-FBI board


Totem robots (including 4WD car) use our developed X3-FBI electronics board to control motors and other accessories. Here are some examples of what can be made with it:

collage of cars examples with x3-fbi board




Follow the Assembly Book to make a Platform: 


4wd2wdmini trooper 280x280

Spider bot with X3-FBI boardhockey carslink shot 280x280

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