TotemDuino Micro Lab


TotemDuino Micro Lab is a breadboarding and testing unit.

Perfect platform for learning electronics and programming for a beginner or a hobbyist user. A laboratory built on a sturdy Totem mechanical structure and based on an open-source Arduino platform.

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This is a perfect tool for a beginner or a hobbyist user. Micro Lab contains TotemDuino board, which is an improved version of Arduino UNO, with 100% software compatibility.


What’s in the box:

  • TotemDuino board – our improved version of Arduino UNO.
  • Breadboard CYB-60 – the experimentation area.
  • Standard USB 2.0 Mini Cable – A-male to mini-male.
  • Collection of Totem construction parts – for building Totem workbench.
  • Totem magnetic screwdriver with strong magnetic grip – bolt firmly stays on screwdriver even when shaking it.

Main features:

  • Wide power supply range – from 5 to 30 V DC.
  • TotemDuino board – our improved version of Arduino UNO with 32kB flash memory.
  • Powerful voltage regulator – up to 1.5A at 5V.
  • Compatible with Totem MiniLab Side Panel extension boards as an expansion.

Micro Lab frame:

  • No more messy electronics: Micro Lab is organized on 3-dimensional frame: it is easy to see, wire and reach all elements.
  • It is easy to upgrade: add extra mechanics or electronics.
  • Micro Lab includes all mechanical elements needed for the assembly of the frame: Totem Beams are already cut and ready to use. Totem Magnetic Screwdriver is included.
  • Move your Micro Lab safely without any wires losing connection or mishaps.


TotemDuino expands upon the great Arduino UNO platform idea. While it is kept fully backwards compatible with Arduino and a lot of additional features are included as well:

  • Output protection – all of its output pins going into LabBoard protected against over-voltage or short-circuit conditions.
  • Expansion port – a 34 pin flat-cable connection connects to the LabBoard for easy pin access.
  • Powerful 5V regulator – you will be less likely to run out of power while experimenting with higher power loads.
  • Selectable microcontroller logic voltage – TotemDuino can work with both 5V and 3.3V logic voltage just by the flip of a switch.

Expand Micro Lab with Side Panels:

Totem Micro Lab can be used with Side Panels — they give you access to various pre-built sensors, drivers, buttons and relays. Side Panels attach directly to the Micro Lab structure and simple breadboard wires are used for connections.

Side Panels contain various functionalities — Input/Output, Sensors and Audio. Click here to learn more.

Totem Micro Lab in use



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