Curious makers are exploring the world of electronics, programming and constructing by their own. They really need tools for that.
Our team has seen that in many ways these people are facing problems when they need to test or experiment with their projects. It is very important to have a neat workplace. Tidy workplace saves time, and increases your skills proficiency. Messy workspace is a real headache. That’s why Totem team is working on a solution for easier use – Raspberry Pi Lab.


Last year we have introduced our first Mini Lab workbench, which deals with these problems and helps builders to keep up with clean workspace.
Also Mini Lab has features, which are necessary for inquisitive experimenter. Features like:

  • measuring voltages – power consumption;
  • measuring signal frequencies;
  • counting pulses;
  • generating pulses;
  • generating voltages.

Rasberry Pi Lab features

But we didn’t stop. We are working on the new Mini Lab – Raspberry Pi Lab.  It will inherit all features of our first Mini Lab, but also we will add new more advanced features.
This time Raspberry Pi Lab, or pilab, will be controlled over full fledged GUI software. It will work as Raspberry Pi add-on,  which has own firmware and communicates with Raspberry Pi over SPI line.
GUI is done to be comfortable for 7 inch Raspberry LCD and also external monitor. Developing is in progress but let me introduce pilab features.

Main window:

Raspberry Pi lab features and parameters

Pilab features and parameters

It will show main parameters, measurements.

Power window:

Raspberry Pi lab power parameters

Pilab power parameters

This window displays all power parameters – voltages, amperages, power consumption.

Also it has graphs:

Raspberry Pi lab power parameters graphs

Pilab power parameters graphs

Power parameters now will be visualized too.

VREG controls with virtual keyboard:

VREG controls with virtual keyboard

VREG controls with virtual keyboard

After pressing 2 times on edit box virtual keyboard will pop up. So you can use raspberry with LCD easily, there is no need of physical keyboard for Raspberry.

DAC generator window:

DAC generator window

DAC generator window

and advanced DAC generator tab:

Raspberry Pi lab Advanced DAC generator tab

Advanced DAC generator tab

We are working on creating user friendly GUI, so it is in progress.

PWM window:

PWM window

PWM window

It has virtual keyboard, and slider to hide all not unnecessary widgets.

Oscilloscope window:

Raspberry Pi lab Oscilloscope window

Oscilloscope window


Main features of new pilab are mainly introduced. Just forgot to mention, that pilab also will have pinout compatibility with arduino.
There is plenty work to do with pilab. We are going to release it with stable basic functions. As pilab is flexible for software, firmware updates it will have updates over the time.
Therefore pilab users will be able to  offer suggestions about improvements, features.

Our team hopes that this device will boost Arduino, Raspberry Pi users experience, proficiency in experimental, DIY, learning, programming and prototyping fields.